Effect of Two Different Plant Growth Regulators on Production Traits of Sunflower

Authors: Dávid Ernst, Marek Kovár, Ivan Černý

Type of publication: Article peer review

The plant growth regulators (PGR) are an organic compounds that modify plant physiological processes. The effects of year weather conditions, hybrids and foliar application of two different PGR (Terra-Sorb® Foliar – containing free amino acids and Unicum® – containing Abiestins®) on the yield-forming parameters, seed yield and the oil content in seeds of three selected hybrids of sunflower (NK Brio, NK Neoma, NK Ferti) were studied. The field poly-factorial experiments were realized during two growing seasons of 2012 and 2013. The experimental area is situated in the maize-growing region and soil is silt loam Haplic Luvisol. The climatic conditions of experimental years were different and allows evaluating the yield stability between hybrids and foliar treatments. The results showed that the application of PGR has contributed to an increase of sunflower seed yield, mainly through increase the weight of thousand seeds (rp = 0.761; P < 0.001). Similarly, oil content in seeds was significantly higher in treatments with PGR, especially with preparation Terra-Sorb® Foliar. The study describes the relationship between quality (oil content in seeds) and quantity (seed yield) of sunflower production (rp = ‒0.41; P < 0.01). Results showed that PGR can be an important rationalization tool of the sunflower cultivation technology.

Ernst, D., Kovár, M. and Černý, I. 2016. Effect of two different plant growth regulators on production traits of Sunflower. Journal of Central European Agriculture, 17(4): 998-1012.
DOI 10.5513/JCEA01/17.4.1804.

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