BUP Research and Publications Office

The Baltic University Programme Research and Publication Office (BUPRaP) is located at the BUP Associated Secretariat in Hamburg, Germany at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. 

BUPRaP operates in two main areas:

  1. Research: BUPRaP gathers and makes available information on open calls for funding programmes, both from the European Union (e.g. Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+, Europe-AID, INTERREG, etc) and from other grant-awarding bodies such as CBSS, Foundations and other donors. Representatives from the Participating Universities interested in particular calls may contact the BUPRaP team, and discuss their possible participation.
  2. Publishing: BUPRaP coordinates publications on matters related to environment, sustainable development and climate change in referred journals. Preference is given to journals with impact factors, since the participant scientists may use them for the purposes of career development, and when applying for future research grants.

In order to optimise its activities, BUPRaP will set-up and maintain a dedicated members list, so that it can be in close contact with the stakeholders interested in its activities.

There are currently no call for papers.

BUPRaP logoFor further information please see the web site of the BUPRaP Office or contact the team in Hamburg. The contact details are:

Prof. Walter Leal's e-mail
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 
Research and Transfer Centre "Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management"
Baltic Research and Publications Office (BUPRaP)
Ulmenliet 20
D-21033 Hamburg

Last modified: 2022-08-03