Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region

One of the main aims of The Baltic University Programme is to promote a strong regional research community in the field of sustainability. This is done by building research networks according to the 10 BUP themes, coordinating publications and grant calls through the BUP Research and Publication Office (BUPRaP), publishing the Research Notes Letter and on an annual basis arrange the BUP Symposium related to the 10 BUP themes.

Research networking and collaborations

We strive towards creating opportunities for researchers at BUP participating universities to meet and co-operate with each other. One way of promoting research collaboration is by creating research networks within the ten BUP themes which we present on the BUP website.

Within each BUP theme we have a theme coordinator and by joining a BUP research network you will receive specific information connected to the BUP theme that you are working within. The researchers that are a part of these networks can get the chance to take part in theme meetings, matchmaking events as well as contribute to the BUP Course Platform.

Register your research profile to be a part of a BUP theme.

Research visibility

As a researcher at a BUP participating university you have the opportunity to share your research within the Programme. One way of doing this is by contributing to the BUP Research Notes Letter. This publication includes abstracts on some of the most recent publications concerning the Baltic Sea Region and our ten BUP themes.

We want the Research Notes Letter to reflect the multi- and interdisciplinary science we believe is central to meet the Sustainable Development Goals indicated by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Submit your abstract for the Research Notes Letter.

Supervisor Collegium

The Supervisor Collegium is an initiative where colleagues contribute with their skills and knowledge to supervise master- and PhD students from participating universities all over the region with their thesis. This is a win-win situation. Both for students who can get a second set of support, but also for supervisors who get to add this experience to their skillset.

Read more about the Supervisor Collegium and how to register.

Last modified: 2023-11-17