3rd World Symposium on Climate Change Communication

As agreed in New York, the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme will organise the3rd World Symposium on Climate Change Communication, to be held in Warsaw, Poland on 6th-7th July 2020.

The complexity of climate change means that appropriate approaches, methods and tools to communicate the problem and its various ramifications are urgently needed. Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) clearly addresses the importance of climate change communication with the general public and reiterates the need to engaging the various stakeholders in debating this issue. It also highlights the responsibility of the UNFCCC signatories countries to develop and implement educational and public awareness programmes on climate change and its effects, to ensure public access to information, and to promote public participation in addressing communication issues.

It is against this background that the “3rd World Symposium on Climate Change Communication” is being organized by the Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Warsaw and the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP) in collaboration with a set of organisations. The Symposium will be a truly interdisciplinary event, mobilizing scholars, social movements, practitioners and members of governmental agencies, undertaking research and/or executing projects on climate change communication across the world.

Papers submitted and accepted after peer review, will be published in the book "Using Communication to Transform Research and Policy on Climate Change Adaptation”. The book will provide a comprehensive assessment of the potentials, means and methods to communicate climate change as a tool for transformation. It will become a well-used resource by environmental managers, policy makers, planners researchers and students, as we continue to work together to address the challenges related to climate change communication.

The book, similar to the publications from the previous events held in Manchester: “Handbook of Climate Change Communication” published in 2018 and Graz: “Addressing the Challenges in Communicating Climate Change Across Various Audiences“ published in 2019, will be a further volume of the award-winning book series “Climate Change Management” published by Springer, which since its creation in 2008 has become the world´s leading book series on climate change management. Publications in the peer-reviewed series have over the years been officially accepted for tenure and promotion purposes.

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