Digital Learning and E-Mobility

We are pleased to announce and invite you for participation in the online course "Digital Learning and E-Mobility" to be held on 17.01.2019. The course is part of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) programme and was designed to make teaching modules focusing on electro mobility available for teaching. The course is meant to be used for BSc, MSc and PhD students # who are interested in the topic as well as in related perspectives and challenges.

Language: The course is held in English, which is why fluent English skills are required.

The themes are structured in four modules:
Module 1: What is e-mobility
Module 2: How does e-mobility work? (from technical perspective with the focus on electric cars)
Module 3: What does e-mobility require and where is it successfully implemented? (organizational, infrastructural view, case studies from European cities are presented to give practical examples)
Module 4: Which risks / "disadvantages" does e-mobility have? (legal aspects e-mobility, procurement of raw materials, etc.)

The participants will have to use the knowledge gained from all modules to make a detailed plan for a selected urban area.

All modules can be worked on separately. To get the certificate, multiple-choice tests have to be performed online. If you do not need the certificate, the performance of the tests is not necessary.

To register please go to

Should you have questions or need further details, please contact Derya Taser at HAW Hamburg.

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