The BUP Symposium 2023

The Symposium 2023 was held 7-8 November online via Zoom.

The Symposium is a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and get to know their colleagues at participating universities of The Baltic University Programme (BUP). The Symposium is an arena where you can disseminate recent research and where new discussions and collaborations can begin. We are challenging researchers from different disciplines with an interest in the Baltic Sea Region as an empirical field to discuss Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region. We focus on research having an inter-/multi disciplinary approach.

The Symposium will feature oral presentations from researchers from BUP participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region. The presentations will be sorted within the BUP themes. During the second day there will be a session that focuses on future research collaboration and projects. Those that attend will get to share new research and project ideas as well as search for new project partners. This will be an opportunity to establish new contacts in a related field in different countries and universities; internationalisation in practice.

Read the event report from the BUP Symposium 2023.

Symposium practicalities

To make the Symposium accessible to as many colleagues as possible we will hold it as a virtual symposium. To participate in the Symposium, prior registration is required. Keynote speakers and research presentations will be organised as webinars.

Scientific committees evaluate and consider submitted abstracts for oral presentations, and bring forward the ones that meet the criteria.


  • Submissions of abstracts and presentations for the Symposium closes 31 July 2023.
  • The BUP Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala will contact submittors, letting them know the result at the latest 6 October 2023.
  • Schedule and keynote speakers will be announced in October 2023.
  • Deadline for the submission of final version of accepted abstract for the Book of Abstract, is 31 October 2023.
  • The last day to register as a listener at the Symposium is 6 November 2023
  • The symposium will be held 7-8 November 2023.
  • The Book of Abstracts will be published in December 2023.
Short information
  • Date: 7-8 November 2023
  • Time 7 November: 09:00-15:00 CET 
  • Time 8 November: 10:00-15:00 CET 
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Setup: Theme sessions & future research presentations
  • Fee: No charges


During the Symposium all presentations will be made in Zoom and in the program the presentations will be structured within each BUP theme. Read more about the BUP themes.

There will be ten sessions in total on day one and three on day two of the Symposium.

We will soon announce the keynote speaker for day one.

For day two, we will welcome Carsten Hille & Markus Vossel from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, as our keynote speakers. The title of their keynote is “Current challenges and new ways in knowledge and technology transfer at universities - Insights from TH Wildau” which will be followed by a discussion on knowledge and technology transfer at universities.


Program day one, 7 November.

Program day two, 8 November.

Information about abstract

Contents of abstract

Abstracts should connect to any of the 10 BUP themes. Abstract should describe the rationale and aims of recent research, and some of its results. General descriptions of broad contexts should be avoided.

Form for abstract

Abstracts should be written in English, with a maximum of 250 words. It should be written in third person and not in the first or second one (e.g. I, me, or my paper). The abstract is a condensed and concentrated version of the full paper/presentation. Introduce the subject by a short text, present the major objective(s)/hypotheses, present your main method(s). Finally identify the major results from your research.

Example of abstract

Download example of abstract.

Oral presentation

Figure of person doing a presentation

Submissions to present at the Symposium closed 31 July 2023.

The BUP Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala will contact submittors, letting them know the result at the lastest 6 October 2023.

Presenters will be given the chance to view instructional videos focusing on research presentations and presenting in Zoom before the Symposium.

Deadline for submission of the final version of accepted abstracts to be a part of the Book of Abstracts, is 31 October 2023.

Symposium publishing opportunities

The Book of Abstracts; A digital compilation of abstracts over presented research at the BUP Symposium 2023. It reflects the abstracts from oral presentations held at the Symposium and include contact information of the presenting person. 

The Baltic University Programme Research and Publication Office (BUPRaP) will also offer advice on possible publishing opportunities.

Last modified: 2023-12-07