BUP Master Thesis Training

The Master Thesis Training is an opportunity for master students to get supervision from a senior from another BUP Participating University. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity to get feedback from other students in the region, build connections with other students, and become better acquainted with other academic perspectives in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This training offers an interdisciplinary learning experience, with sustainability as a shared concept.

The BUP will admit 30 master students from different disciplines, universities and nationalities. The students should be working with their master thesis during the spring semester of 2022. The content of the master thesis should be related to sustainability in a Baltic Sea Region context.

You can now read more about the Master Thesis Training in our event report. Click here to read the event report from the Master Thesis Training.

Poster for the BUP's Master thesis training 2022

The training consists of a voluntary start-up seminar (online). The training 2022 is planned to be an “in-person” training with the hope that the COVID-19 situation will have improved by then. The BUP will monitor the situation closely and update the announcement accordingly and notify applicants about possible changes.

The objective of the training and Program

The objective is to give master students from the BUP member countries the possibility to meet and discuss scientific problems with a focus on sustainability in an interdisciplinary, international, multicultural, and regional context. In this way, students will also get the opportunity to become acquainted with other universities and their scientific traditions. The training program will be based on an interdisciplinary approach.

This international training will enrich the students’ perspectives on sustainability with experiences and perspectives from other disciplines and other countries. The training will thus serve as a platform for a common understanding of regional challenges and possibilities and open avenues for future cooperation on these issues.


11 April – Travel day
12 April – Program
13 April – Program
14 April – Travel day

Quick info
  • 11 - 14 April, 2022
  • Uppsala, Sweden
  • Open for Master students at the BUP's Participating Universities
  • Free of charge
  • Maximum 30 students
  • Application deadline 31 January 2022
  • Hosted by the Baltic University Programme's coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University

Application and Practical info


Only students who are currently writing their master thesis related to sustainability in a Baltic Sea region context and is enrolled at one of the BUP Participating Universities will be accepted. A list of current BUP Participating Universities can be found on the BUP web pages.  

The thesis topic should be related to at least one of the following BUP Themes:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Sustainable Societies
  4. Sustainable Water Resources
  5. Urban-Rural Development
  6. Sustainable Mobility
  7. Circular Economy
  8. Sustainable Tourism
  9. Education for Sustainable Development
  10. Sustainable Food Systems

A description about the BUP themes.

After the application deadline, a selection of 30 students will be made. The selection will be made based on written motivations from the students and a spread amongst the 10 BUP themes. 

Students working at a BUP workshop

How to apply and required documents

You apply to our event by filling in the form linked below. Remember to include a one-page summary of the master thesis (title, affiliation, name of supervisor, short description of the work included). Please observe that the one-page summary should be attached directly to the online application form.

Application deadline is 31 January 2022!

Practical information

The conference is free of charge for master students from the BUP's Participating Universities and for them all costs of accommodation, food, and local transportation will be covered by the BUP (the coordinating secretariat). All students must however cover all travel costs to and from Uppsala, Sweden themselves. If you get selected to participate in the training, make sure to check that your passport, documents, visa, etc. are valid for the trip.


Due to the COVID-19 situation in Latvia the conference has been moved to Uppsala, Sweden.

Spreading the word

Do you want to help us spread the word? Use our master thesis training poster(pdf)Docreader!

Contacts Master Thesis Training

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the BUP Coordinating Secretariat via info@balticuniv.uu.se

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