Social Sustainability - why and how?

In the sixth session of the seminar series "Space Bridges 2.0", we will focus on why and how social sustainability can be considered.  The session will use the the Finnish discussion method Timeout to spark the discussion. 

Photo by:  Hannah Busing, Unsplash

Event description

In this session of the seminar series ”Space Bridges 2.0” our focus will be on social sustainability and why it matters to us. This interactive session will offer each participant an opportunity to take part in a Timeout-discussion. Timeout is a dialogue method that has been designed to facilitate constructive discussions. Join us to experience this new method and learn to understand social sustainability better at the same time!


  • Welcoming notes by National Centre Director, Cecilia Lundberg
  • What is a Timeout-dialogue and why has this method been developed? - Laura Arikka, CEO, Timeout Foundation
  • Social sustainability – introductory remarks by Annina Kainu
  • Timeout-discussion on What is social sustainability and why it matters?
  • What do we take with us from the discussion 
  • Thoughts on Timeout, Q&A 
  • Concluding remarks

See all sessions from the BUP seminar series "Space Bridges 2.0" on Youtube.

What is Timeout?

Timeout is a method to have a constructive dialogue and making use of other poeople's learning experience. It is especially useful for discussions between people from different backgrounds. The aim is not so much consensus as understanding other perspectives.

Find out more about the Timeout method on the Timeout website.

Quick information

Date and time: 16 September 2021, 14.00-16.00 (CEST)Åbo Akademi University logotype
Host: Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Co-Host: Uppsala University, Sweden
Location: Online
Open for: Public


Photo of Laura Arikka
Photo by: Marica Rosengård

Timeout logoLaura Arikka

CEO, Timeout Foundation

Photo of Annina KainuAnnina KainuÅbo Akademi University logotype

Education Planner 

Centre for Lifelong Learning, Abo Akademi University


Photo of Cecilia LundbergCecilia Lundberg

Åbo Akademi University logotypeNational Centre Director of the BUP in Finland

PhD, Educational Planner, Åbo Akademi University

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