Celebration of three decades

To celebrate 30 years of our existence and work in the area of internationalisation and sustainable development, we have created the book Celebration of three decades. Stories have an indisputable potential to enrich our understanding and shape the way we frame complex issues. Storytelling is therefore a perfect tool to use when talking about The Baltic University Programme, sustainable development, and international cooperation. In stories we use the language of values, identities, and cultures, which more often than facts and data influence our behavior and have the power to trigger change. And we need to change to become even more sustainable.

In the book you can read stories from our first three decades that are written by BUP Directors, colleagues and students that share important moments in the history of the Programme, fond memories of BUP events and colleagues and funny BUP anecdotes.

Celebration of three decades is soon to be published on the BUP website.

Last modified: 2022-10-26