Master Thesis Training 2024

The Master Thesis Training (MTT) is an opportunity for master students at BUP participating universities to come together in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment within the sphere of sustainability science. The event provides an opportunity for students to gain additional supervision from an expert on their thesis, develop connections with students from all around the Baltic Sea Region, and become better acquainted with academic perspectives. 

The event will accept participants from BUP participating universities who are studying towards a master's degree and are working on their thesis during the spring term. The content of the thesis should be within sustainability science and from a Baltic Sea Region perspective.

Both previous editions of the Master Thesis Training have been highly rated by those who participated, receiving a rating of 9/10 and 9.2/10 with students remarking that the event was helpful for them in improving their thesis. To read more about the past events you can view the event reports from 2022 and 2023.

Objectives of the training

This event aims to give master students from BUP participating universities the possibility to meet and discuss scientific problems with a focus on sustainability in an interdisciplinary and regional context. In this way, students will also have the opportunity to become acquainted with other universities and their scientific traditions. The training program will be based on an interdisciplinary approach. Moreover, improving students’ capabilities in thesis writing and various general thesis facets are also important aspects. 

This international training will enrich the students’ perspectives on sustainability with experiences and perspectives from other disciplines and other countries. There is also a wide possibility to learn more about other important topics within sustainability science. The training will thus serve as a platform for a common understanding of regional challenges and possibilities and open avenues for future cooperation on these issues.

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25 March – Arrival, opening workshop, icebreaker activities

26 March – Student presentations, thesis defences and oppositions, group consultations

27 March – Individual consultations

28 March – Departure

Preliminary schedule and info 


Quick info
  • 25-28 March 2024, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Open for master students at BUP participating universities
  • Free of charge
  • Application deadline 31 January 2024
  • Held in English
  • Hosted by The BUP Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala

Application and practical information

Only students who are currently writing their master thesis related to sustainability in a Baltic Sea Region context and who are enrolled at a BUP participating university will be considered. List of BUP participating universities.

The thesis topic should be related to at least one of the BUP themes. More information about the BUP themes

If you are writing a thesis that is outside of these themes, but strongly linked with sustainability science then please do apply! Diversity is a strength of this event.

How to apply

Remember to include the following information- a summary of the master thesis including; 1) problem formation, 2) research topic and interests (your motivations and knowledge gap),  3) research question(s), purpose or aim (not all needed), 4) relation to sustainability science, 5) methodology (i.e. what you will do, why and how), 6) name of supervisor, 7) timetable of thesis (what have you done so far, what is still to do). Please observe that this information should be attached directly to the online application form.

Applications should be written in English.


The deadline to apply is 31 January 2024.

Ukrainian Students

Due to the war in Ukraine we will invite students from our participating universities in Ukraine to take part in the Master Thesis Training online. Ukrainian students who participate online will be able to present their thesis to other students within the same field as well as receive feedback on their thesis from an expert from another BUP participating university.

Of course, if possible, Ukrainian students are welcome to join the event in-person in Uppsala, however, the BUP recognises that this may not be possible for all. If this is applicable to you, please complete the registration form as usual, and if accepted to the event, the organisers will be in touch with more information and to confirm details.

Practical Information

The conference is free of charge for master students from BUP participating universities and all costs of accommodation, food, and activities will be covered by the BUP. Students will be accommodated in shared hotel rooms.

All students must however cover their travel costs to and from Uppsala, Sweden.

Marketing material

If you wish to share information about the BUP Master Thesis Training we invite you to use our marketing material which can be found here: Google Drive with marketing material for the BUP Master Thesis Training.

Contact information

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Evan Goss
Project administrator
The BUP Coordinating Secretariat

If you have any questions about the MTT, feel free to contact Evan.

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