Event report BUP Teachers' Day 2023

Inner sustainability is a vital part of sustainability education in contemporary higher education. Both on the local and the global scale. When you support your own wellbeing and work to develop abilities, skills, and qualities for inner growth, you are better prepared to act for the transformation needed to create a better world.

The BUP Teachers’ Day this year (18 April) was an online workshop discussing and experiencing the following questions:

  • What is inner sustainability?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can it be strengthened among students and teachers?

The workshop was led by EdD Ann-Christin Furu. From Åbo Akademi University. Her research interest lies within sustainability education, and she is associate professor in early childhood education.

Evaluation of the BUP Teachers' Day 2022

The workshop had 38 participants (not all at the same time) from about six different countries. A total of 15 participants answered the evaluation.

The feedback was positive, even if many felt that the time was too short. The presentation was in focus, and very little time was left for small group discussions and exercises.

The participants would have appreciated more practical exercises during the meeting and that the methods were more comprehensive and oriented towards university teaching.

Participant evaluations
  • The participants gave the event a 4,5/5 overall rating
  • The participants gave the exercises linked to inner sustainability a 4.2/5 rating
  • A majority of the participants thought that the meeting was inspiring, the course was useful for their work and that they learned something new
Last modified: 2023-06-13