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BUP supervisor training programme

A free online training programme series that aims toward enhancing and developing the participant's supervisionary pedagogies. This series is for those who want to learn with others in an interdisciplinary and interregional environment and get some more support regarding supervision.

The programme has been designed to offer a broad but focused introduction to supervision, supervisionary techniques and supervision pedagogies. There is a focus on learning together and exchanging ideas between the teachers and fellow participants in an interregional and interdisciplinary manner. Seminars will be interactive and participants will be expected to take part actively. The seminars themselves will be diverse in form and varied, consisting of short presentations before more interactive exercises, for example in smaller groups.

Seminar 2: 13 February 2024- ‘The relationship between supervisor and supervisee’
Led by Uppsala University.

Seminar 3: March 2024- ‘Productive Learning’
Led by Tallinn University.

Seminar 4: 9 April 2024- Session focused on requests from participants- AI. 
Led by Uppsala University. 

Seminar 5: 14 May 2024- 'Co-supervision'. 
Led by SLU. 

The link to register can be found here:

Registration for the upcoming seminars will be open all spring.

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