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In 2021, The Baltic University Programme is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. Since the start we have worked to enhance strong regional educational and research communities, and to foster the knowledge of our focus areas – which have sustainable development as their umbrella term – and of the Baltic Sea Region. All along, contributing to a greater sustainability of the Region has been our main goal. Please join us in celebration! There will be a number of events and activities in which you are invited to participate.

The on-line events we are hosting and the material we are publishing highlight what has been achieved in terms of internationalisation in practice among universities in the Baltic Sea Region during the past 30 years.

One of the planned events is a series of “space bridge” events to commemorate the space bridges used in the childhood of the BUP to interconnect university teachers, researchers, and students in the whole of the Region. The space bridges 2.0 is an updated version consisting of a chain of on-line seminars structured according to the BUP themes.

We will also be putting together a book of BUP stories and are inviting people from all across the BUP to contribute with short texts describing anything from important moments in the history of the Programme, through fond memories of BUP events, to funny anecdotes. Stories are powerful – let’s tell some to stop for a little while and look back at what we have achieved and experienced together. It is also a great way of introducing the Programme to a wider audience and to inspire the readers as for our mission: sustainability.

The highlight of the BUP anniversary is going to be a celebration where we would meet in person. To be able to do so, we need to wait for the Covid-19 restrictions to be over. We will therefore postpone it until the situation allows us to invite you to an in-person celebratory event.

Space Bridges 2.0

Book of BUP Stories

Last modified: 2022-07-07