Student Parliament

The Baltic University Programme has two student representatives in the international board. The representatives are elected by democratic vote in the Student Parliament, held annually at the Student Conference each spring.

Students' representative Mirjam Weituschat leading the Student Parliament 2019
Student representative Mirjam Weituschat leading the Students Parliament, 2019. Photo: Jozef Počil

Since the early days of the Baltic University Programme, students have been represented in the Baltic University Programme's International Board. The mandate of a student representative is two years. After being elected by the Student Parliament, the person becomes Deputy Students Representative for their first year of their mandate and Students Representative for their second year.

With an election taking place each year, the students' representatives always work in pairs. One being in their first year and the other one in the second year of the mandate.

The Student parliament

The Student Parliament aims to increase the participation of students from Participating Universities in planning and decision making of the Baltic University Programme.

The parliamentary session is a chance for the students to both elect a new student representative to the BUP board, as well as submitting motions (proposals), that if approved will be forwarded to the BUP board. The session is also an opportunity for students to organise.

Voting during the Students' parliament 2019
Voting at the students' parliament session 2019. Photo: Jozef Počil

The students' parliament session is lead by the Deputy Students Representative and Student Representative. The members of the students parliament are also participants in the BUP studnet conference of that year. By being accepted to the BUP's annual student conference, the participant is also selected to the students’ parliament of that year. Members of the students’ parliament must also have student status at one of the BUP participating universities.

The format and election of the students' parliament is governed by statutes.

Running as a candidate or submitting a motion

Any member of the students parliament can run as a candidate for the next student representative and/or submit a motion that will be discussed during the session.

Presenting at the students' parliament session 2013
Presenting at the Students' Parliament session 2013. Photo: Pontus Ambros

In order to run as a candidate for the Students Representative position or submit a motion, you first need to be accepted as a member of the Students parliament. This will be done automatically if you are accepted to the BUP's annual Student Conference.

Running as a students representative candidate

To apply to become a student representative, you first need to fill out a form which should be sent to one of the current students representatives along with a portrait photo of you. This should be done before the announced deadline (usually a few hours before the session starts).

Click here to download the form for running as a student representative.

Submitting a motion

Submitting a motion (more commonly known as a proposal), requires that the motion is first summarised in text and submitted to the student representatives before the announced deadline (usually a few hours before the session starts). The motion should follow the format of the provided form. Each submitter of a motion will get the opportunity to present it during the parliament session.

Click here to download the form for motions/proposals.

Statutes for the BUP Student parliament

The processes of the BUP Student parliament and selection of the BUP's student representatives are determined its statutes.

Click here to read the statutes of the BUP student parliamentDocreader

Past student parliament sessions

Here you can find protocols from past parliament sessions

Last modified: 2022-06-17