The Baltic Science Bridge

The BUP Associated Secretariat at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, has started an initiative titled "Baltic Science Bridge". The goal is to provide support to Ukrainian scholars and scientists unable to work due to the war, with an opportunity to live and perform some academic work in a Baltic Sea country which is not part of the conflict. All BUP participating universities are invited to join and offer this extremely vital support.

For Universities that want to join:
Please send an expression of interest to provide support to colleagues, by specifying the number of people you may host, and (if relevant) the preferred subject areas. Send an email with this information to:

For colleagues that need help:
Scientists from the Ukraine, who need help and wants to live and perform some academic work in a Baltic Sea country, should contact the office of the "Baltic Science Bridge" at:, providing the following details:

a) First name
b) Surname (family name)
c) Date of birth
d) Family status
e) Children (please indicate how many)
f) Home University
g) Subject area (e.g. social science, engineering, informatics)
f) Spoken language (English, German, etc..)

The Baltic Science Bridge will do their best to help colleagues in need to find and get in touch with a University so they may discuss the details of the cooperation. No personal details will be shared with 3rd parties. The information will be used for the purposes of the academic cooperation only.

This is the time for the Universities of the Baltic Sea Region to show their solidarity in practice. The need for help is now.

Further information:
Professor Walter Leal / Linda Ternova
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Life Sciences
Ulmenliet 20
21033 Hamburg

Last modified: 2023-01-19