BUP Presidency

From 2016 all BUP National Centres will hold the BUP Presidency for six months according to a rotating schedule. The presidency was introduced in order to decentralize and share responsibilities with the centre and by this establish a formal platform for them to influence the organisation in practice. The holder of the BUP Presidency is responsible for the content and arrangement of some of the BUP's annual events, as well as promotion of the BUP in the own country, along with additional events and activities aimed at strengthening the programme in the country and the region as a whole.

Current BUP Presidency

During the spring semester 2023 the BUP National Centre in Lithuania holds the Presidency. They will host the BUP student conference, a BUP Teachers Course meeting and the Student Summer school “Science and Sail”.

Presidency reports

After each semester the national centre that has held the Presidency shares a presidency report which contains information about what they have worked with.

Autumn 2022

The BUP National Centre in Finland held the Presidency. The main event that was held as a part of the Presidency was the Online seminar Sustainable foot- and handprints at Finnish Universities. Read the full presidency report for autumn 2022.

Upcoming BUP Presidencies

Autumn 2023 – Latvia

Spring 2024 – Poland
Autumn 2024 – Germany

Spring 2025 – Ukraine
Autumn 2025 – Estonia

Past BUP Presidencies

Spring 2016 – Latvia
Autumn 2016 – Finland

Spring 2017 – Ukraine
Autumn 2017 – Lithuania

Spring 2018 – Germany
Autumn 2018 – Poland

Spring 2019 – Estonia
Autumn 2019 – Russia

Spring 2020 – No Presidency due to restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic
Autumn 2020 – No Presidency due to restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic

Spring 2021 – Slovakia
Autumn 2021 – Sweden

Spring 2022 – Sweden/Slovakia
Autumn 2022 – Finland

Last modified: 2023-01-20