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Welcome to the Baltic University Programme

The Baltic University Programme (BUP) strives to find novel ways of interaction and cooperation among universities by promoting openness, internationalization and mobility. Our main aim is to support building strong regional educational and research communities. The Programme is committed to gain and disseminate knowledge in the fields of sustainable development, environmental protection, nature resources, democracy and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). We are a member organization, with 86 Member Universities, most of them situated in the drainage area of the Baltic Sea.

BUP Award 2019

The winners of the BUP Award 2019 for best PhD Thesis are:

Natālija Cudečka-Puriņa, Liepaja University, in the category Social Sciences and  Humanities. The thesis in entitled: Ensuring Municipal Waste Management Sustainability by Administration of Landfill Management Companies.

Dominika Sobotka, Gdansk University of Technology, in the category Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering. The thesis is entitled: Investigation of the efficiency of nitrogen removal in a sequencing batch reactor with anammox granular biomass.

BUP Symposium 2020

The Baltic University Programme's main aim is to support building strong regional educational and research communities. As a part of this, we are arranging a scientific symposium in Visby, Sweden, the 24th - 28th August, 2020. This is:

  • an opportunity to meet colleagues
  • an arena where to discuss research
  • an opportunity to disseminate and take part of new knowledge
  • an opportunity to get published and spread research in the BUP

The symposium will have three parts:

  1. BUP Parallel Activities
  2. BUP Research Forum: Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region
  3. 5th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities

For a preliminary program and further information please visit our web site for the BUP SYMPOSIUM 2020.


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