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Information Bulletin No 25

Dear MEdIES friends and Task Group Members,

Please find attached the 25th Information e-bulletin of MEdIES.


a. MEdIES Activities for Rainwater Harvesting in Cyclades, April - May - June 2010
b. "YouthXchange in the Mediterranean", 8-9 May 2010, Amman Jordan
c. "Residential Training Workshop on Universities and ESD", 23-28 May 2010, Amfissa Greece
d. "ESD in MAB BRs" continuation


UNECE EG on ESD Competences Meeting 28-30 June


a. MEdIES Activities for Rainwater Harvesting in Cyclades, April - May - June 2010
MIO-ECSDE through the MEdIES Secretariat in cooperation with the Heads of Environmental Education of Primary and Secondary level of the Prefecture of Cyclades and the local authorities organised a series of educational activities in seven (7) islands of the Cyclades, namely Milos, Ios, Santorini, Anafi, Naxos, Iraklia and Koufonisi during April-June 2010. The scope of the project was the promotion of the updated version of the MEdIES educational material in Greek entitled "The Gift of Rain'. The project included educational activities in schools targeted to primary and secondary level students as well as seminars for teachers in all islands.
The educational material "The gift of rain" aims to raise awareness of students (11-14 yrs old) to deal with the traditional and modern techniques and practices of rainwater collection, and to develop the skills for the sustainable use of water. The material was published in 2009 disseminated in the schools of Naxos, Syros and Tinos (Phase I). Following, the material was reviewed and approved by the Greek Pedagogical Institute, and its 2nd version was published in 2010, to cover the needs of the increasing number of involved schools and teachers (Phase II -2010).
MEdIES awareness activities in schools were coordinated by the ΜΕdIES Secretariat (Ms Vicky Malotidi and Ms Iro Alampei). They lasted approx. one hour and touched upon topics such as various cisterns found in Greece in the past, as well as the modern systems of rainwater harvesting, and also water consumption & water saving, uses of rainwater, and the water cycle. In total, more than 500 students participated in the educational activities. In all islands seminars for teachers were also organized, in collaboration with the EE departments of Primary and Secondary level, of the Cyclades Prefecture. During the seminars, the educators were introduced to and provided with the educational material. In total more than 100 teachers participated in such meetings and trainings.
The MEdIES rainwater harvesting activities are part of a wider programme implemented by the Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med), which is member of MEdIES Task Group. All activities were implemented in collaboration with the local authorities and with the support of the corporate social responsibility programme "Mission Water".
More at

b. Launching of "YouthXchange in the Mediterranean", 8-9 May 2010, Amman Jordan
The first set of launching events in the framework of the Youthxchange Project took place in Amman, Jordan, on 8 & 9 of May with the co-organisation of the MEdIES Secretariat and LHAP (Land and Human to Advocate Progress) - the national partner of the Project in Jordan and Member of MEdIES Task Group.
The training event on May 8 was addressed to all those involved with education and youth issues in the formal or non-formal way, such as teachers of primary and secondary level, youth leaders, staff of museums and NGOs carrying out educational projects etc. About 90 participants representing these categories participated in the event, coming from all parts of the country. Following a general presentation on the YXC worldwide initiative and its rationale, the participants were split in 3 groups and followed 3 experiential workshops, that gave them ideas on how to use the material with their target audiences: (A) Breaking Sustainable Consumption Barriers (by Mr Miguel Fondevila, Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo) (B) YouthXchange Suitcase (by Ms Nieves Álvarez Martín, MAG Consumer Studies)) (C) From my habits to my values … and back (by Ms Iro Alampei, MEdIES). The evaluation outcomes of the training seminar were very positive with an overall degree of satisfaction of the attendants at 84%. Specific recommendations for improvement include i.e. repetition of the workshop in other parts of the country and fund-raising for such action.
The media event on May 9, addressed to the relevant ministries of Education and Environment, to local authorities, CSOs & NGOs, diplomatic missions in Jordan and the media. With the patronage of HE the Minister of Environment, HE Engineer Al-Junidi representative of the Ministry, inaugurated the event and addressed the audience, 60 in total. Mr Ziyad Alawneh, director of LHAP made a presentation on the need and the importance of carrying such a project for the young people of Jordan on the critical issue of consumption. Following, Ms Alampei presented the background and the rationale of the Youth X change in the Mediterranean initiative, as part of a worldwide initiative of UNEP and also outlined the contents of the printed guide. The event was interactive with requests from different parties to extend the training and the utilization of the printed guide to reach the country peripherals.
The next set of YouthxChange events will take place in Kelibia, Tunisia, on 29-30 July 2010.
More on the YouthXChange in the Mediterranean at

c. "Residential Training Workshop on Universities and ESD", 23-28 May 2010, Amfissa Greece
The Residential Training Workshop "Universities & ESD" was a five-day training course organised by the University of Athens, MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES Secretariat, the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and the Centre of Environmental Education (CEE) of Amfissa, which took place in the period between 23 to 28 May, 2010, in CEE Amfissa, Greece. In total, 48 experts -lecturers, researchers and university staff- all involved in ESD, participated in the training, coming from nineteen countries of the Baltic and the Mediterranean.
The training workshop aimed to develop knowledge and competences on integrating ESD in University processes, curricula and activities, exploring the concepts of the "whole institute approach" and sharing experiences on ESD. Key speakers were Dr Christine Jakobsson, BUP Director, Prof M. Scoullos, MIO-ECSDE Chairman, Prof Daniella Tilbury, University of Gloucestershire, Dr Regina Steiner, University of Salzburg, and Mr Konstantinos Pavlou, University of Athens.
The sessions divided on the following thematic pillars:
i. Curriculum & Programmes of Sustainable University.
ii. Governance, Processes & ‘culture’ of Sustainable University.
iii. Infrastructures of Sustainable University.
For each of these thematic pillars one key presentation was made, followed by an experiential workshop and stimulating interest. In order to ensure a substantial and meaningful sharing of experiences the participants had been asked to prepare a selected case study from their institutes related to ESD in Universities on these same thematic pillars. All these case studies were presented within the appropriate thematic pillar. A session on the ESD Competences of Educators, based on the draft working text of the UNECE Expert Group took place as well.
The overall training was evaluated very positively by the participants who requested as a follow up a strengthening of cooperation amongst them, mainly through the BUP and the Mediterranean networks. The training was financially supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Abo Akademi University, the Novia University of Applied Sciences, the European Commission - DG Environment, the Municipality of Amfissa, and it was hosted and in-kind supported by the Centre of Environmental Education of Amfissa.
The proceedings of the seminar are currently under preparation and are expected to be published early this autumn in a special issue of the "Sustainable Mediterranean" (MIO-ECSDE quarterly Newsletter).
More at

d. "ESD in MAB BRs" continuation
UNESCO-BRESCE officially approved the continuation of the project "ESD in MAB BRs of the Mediterranean" for the 2010, a period where the following tasks are scheduled:
- The finalised provisional version of the material
- The pilot testing of the material by a group of experts working on ESD projects in MAB BRs and other special designated areas
- The final Evaluation Meeting to be organised in Greece in autumn 2010
- The finalisation of the texts by 30/12/2010.
The English material is foreseen to be artistically designed, published and widely distributed within 2011.

- The newly published GREEK training material on "EE/ESD in Protected Areas" developed by MIO-ECSDE in the framework of the EPEAEK II Programme was widely distributed to all Centres of EE, Divisions of EE and Management Bodies of PAs in Greece,
- together with the updated edition of the "Gift of the Rain" (also Greek language).

UNECE EG on ESD Competences Meeting 28-30 June
Prof M. Scoullos, Chairman of the UNECE Expert Group (EG) on ESD Competences currently participates in the 3nd meeting of the EG (28-30 June) where the Document on the ESD Competences is under further elaboration. In parallel, the General Recommendations for policymakers, the Preamble and the Illustrations texts (all related to ESD Competences) are under elaboration.
More information at:


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