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BUP Students' Conference Autumn 2011

Students Conference 2011: Stability and Security

BUP Students' Autumn Conference
Stability and Security
16 - 20 November 2011
Rogow, Poland

The conference will provide an overview of the current situation of the most important issues of Security and Stability in the Baltic region, energy security included. A part of the conference is the game “Utopia”, developed by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. The partcipants will also participate  in discussions, and give presentations on different aspects of Security and Stability in their own country. A students debate on the theme "Arming or disarming – save or sink military defence?" (based on the Oxford style) together with students from Technical University of Lodz is planned. The conference will give all participating students a platform for their further contribution to a peaceful and stabile coexistence and continuing cooperation between all countries within the Baltic Sea region.

For more information please see the Conference Programme pdf.

For whom?
We welcome BUP students with a direction of their studies in the area of security and stability (social and political sciences), and students with an interest in the topics of the conference to apply for the BUP Students' Conference on Stability and Security in the Baltic Sea Region.

Where and when?
It will be organised in Rogow, Poland, November 16-20, 2011.
The conference will be arranged by the BUP secretariat at Uppsala University in cooperation with the BUP centre for Poland at Technical University of Lodz. The conference will be mainly financed by the Swedish Institute’s grant.

Travel and accommodation
Cost of participation: The BUP, with support from the Swedish Institute, will cover all costs on place for all students (food and accommodation included).

Travel costs will be the responsibility of the participants and their universities. Centres and teachers are kindly asked to advice and help students to find financial support for their travel costs.

However there will be a possibility to apply for a travel grant from the Swedish Institute and have travel costs partially reimbursed at the conference.

Those students who are not able to find money for their travel at their home universities / faculties / students unions / parents / foundations / others, may apply for a travel scholarship at the BUP Coordination Secretariat – see this Travel Grant Application Form doc. As usual, budget travel is required. Please write to us inform to whom and when have you applied to find the money to cover your travel to the conference and let us know the reason for refusal – if possible please attach the copy of your application and the received answer. Note that only very few such scholarships will be granted. Please observe that the proper Travel Grant Application Form doc must be sent to the BUP secretariat/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for consideration no later then November 12, 2011.

Please observe that students from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus who need visas should send their applications (with all data needed) in proper time to get visas in time for conference. Please advice where to send the invitations.

Next step – this is what you can do now!
We do hope that the topic and the programme will be of interest for many of our students. At the conference we will have places for 60 of them which means that every country can send 5 students. BUP students with a direction of studies including conference topics or an interest for those issues are all welcome to apply. Please spread this information to the BUP universities’ teachers and ask them to inform our students about this.

Please print the Poster pdf announcing the conference and put it up on billboards at your university.

Please remember that the deadline for students applications, which should include a letter of motivation, is November 1st, 2011.

Best wishes to all of you - Maria Hejna :-)

Quoting Carl Bildt, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs:
Since the end of the Cold War, the Baltic Sea has been transformed from a barrier of water, which divided nations and people, to a Sea of Peace. A peace, no longer upheld by armies and navies, but rather by the free flow of people, ideas, goods and capital...

Baltic sea state region has evolved into one of the most dynamic areas on our continent - we are "the top of Europe" - a region with an economic and technological structure and profile which gives us a good position to compete successfully in the globalized world economy.

To make sure that this development continues and accelerate further is one of our most important responsibilities. But it is also our responsibility to find solutions to those problems which still threaten our societies and their people.

It is up to us to combat trafficking in human beings, to fight transnational organized crime and to further increase security of oil shipments in the Baltic Sea.

We need too work towards achieving an even closer integration in the Baltic Sea region and promote economically and socially prosperous societies based on market economy, freedom and democracy. Societies that share the same objectives, whether they concern protecting our environment or fighting organized crime and trafficking in human beings are the best guarantees for stability and security.


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