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BUP Research Notes & Themes

BUP research notesI want to make you alert that in November we will launch the new BUP webpage, and some new efforts to facilitate research cooperation among BUP colleagues, as a follow up on the work with the BUP Strategy 2017-2020. The new initiative has two parts: BUP Research Notes and BUP Themes.

The aim with the Research Notes is to spread research findings and knowledge on researchers and research groups in the Baltic Sea region via the BUP web site. The information will also be published on a regular basis in a Research Notes Letter to be spread to Member universities, participating universities and other stakeholders in society. We welcome scientific articles, book chapters, proceedings, dissertations published from 2015 regarding the following Themes: Climate, Energy, Food, Urban-Rural development, Green infra-structure, Transport, and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). For this to happen we All need to contribute, you may already now tell us about your research. Request: Researchers, please send your contribution using the Research Notes Form. And please encourage your colleagues to do the same.

The aim with the BUP Themes is to develop each theme as an information bank where BUP colleagues can collect material but also submit material useful to each other regarding both research and education. The idea is to start with the following Themes: Climate, Energy, Food, Urban-Rural development, Green infrastructure, Transport and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Our hope is that this will lead to more visibility and cooperations among researchers, teachers and students regarding exchange/mobility, common projects, and more successes in funding and publications. Please, register your contribution using the BUP Themes Form.  

I hope that we will have great response from you on these efforts, and that we together continue to develop The Baltic University Programme, the sky is the limit! It is up to all of us to use what BUP offers and also of course to contribute.



5th BUP Rectors Conference

Åbo Akademi University 100 years

The 5th BUP Rectors Conference will be held in Turku the 24 - 26 January 2018. For further information and also the registration form please see the Rectors Conference web site.

The conference is a part of the 100 year celebrations at Åbo Akademi University.

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