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BUP Newsletter no. 52

BUP Newsletter no. 52In BUP Newsletter no. 52 pdf you may read about:

  • Introduction by Madeleine Granvik
  • Upcoming Events
  • 5th Rectors’ Conference by Paula Lindroos et al.
  • Ukraine’s BUP Presidency by Iryna Kriba
  • Research Cooperation by Madeleine Granvik
  • EUSBSR 2017 by Magnus Lehman
  • SAIL for Teachers 2017 by Jonas Edlund and Annica Brännlund
  • Learning From Each Other by Sinikka Suomalainen
  • SAIL for Students 2017
  • Short News
  • Newsletter Information
  • BUP Map




5th BUP Rectors Conference

Åbo Akademi University 100 years

The 5th BUP Rectors Conference will be held in Turku the 24 - 26 January 2018. For further information and also the registration form please see the Rectors Conference web site.

The conference is a part of the 100 year celebrations at Åbo Akademi University.

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