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Madeleine Granvik New Director for the Baltic University Programme

BUP Director Madeleine Granvik

Associate Professor Madeleine Granvik is appointed as new director for the Baltic University Programme (BUP) at the co-ordinating secretariat at Uppsala University. These are her own words on the appointment:

We have now passed 25 fruitful years of BUP history and I am happy to get the opportunity to act as the new director of the Baltic University Programme. I look forward to co-operate with you and contribute to the development of the next coming 25 years! I would like to give a big “Thank You” to Lars Rydén the founder of the Baltic University Programme, that has the latest 1,5 year stepped in as a director. Now you can return to your free life as an energetic and healthy pensioner you are, and just enjoy!

This year will be full of activities and opportunities. First, after 25 year The Baltic University Programme is leaving its status as a project to become a permanent programme in the region. Your university is warmly welcome to become a member of this programme, which means getting full access to all activities we arrange such as: Conferences for researchers, academic teachers, Masters and Bachelor students, summer courses for Masters and Bachelor students, PhD courses, annual call for small grant funding for Masters, Bachelor and PhD students, and annual call for competition award for PhD theses. All these activities are waiting for old and new universities to take part in. I am happy to announce that until today we have 64 universities that are member universities – Great start!

The BUP presidency is this first half year hosted by Ukraine. In March there will be an academic teachers´ conference on Sustainable Tourism, a center directors meeting, and in April a student conference in Ukraine with the topic BUP Collaboration in Agenda 2030 Implementation: from Talk to Work.

In March we will also host a work shop in Riga arranged together with SWEDESD within the Swedish Institute granted project EduBalt. The target group is academic teacher´s educators to develop capacity for teaching sustainable development, with focus on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are also about to plan for the annual courses SAIL for teachers and SAIL for students, and for the regional rectors conference that will be hosted this time by Åbo Akademi University in January 2018. More information will come later.

I am looking forward to our successful co-operation.

Please see some more on Madeleine Granvik's background.



5th BUP Rectors Conference

Åbo Akademi University 100 years

The 5th BUP Rectors Conference will be held in Turku the 24 - 26 January 2018. For further information and also the registration form please see the Rectors Conference web site.

The conference is a part of the 100 year celebrations at Åbo Akademi University.

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