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BUP 25 Year Celebration

Baltic University Programme 25 YearsYou are cordially
to celebrate 25 Years
of the Baltic University Programme
24 October 2016 in Rogów, Poland

However, there are regretfully limits to how many we can accommodate. If the number of registrations are too many first priority will be one per university in the BUP network. Thus we will have as many of our universities represented as possible. For more information please download the full Invitation pdf.

BUP students/alumni, former student representatives, etc., will be welcome on individual invitations.

We need to have your registration as soon as possible but no later than on Monday, October 3rd. We will then confirm (or regret) participation to all of you by email as soon as possible but latest on Friday, October 7th.

Participants in the BUP Teachers conference in Rogow 23-26 October 2016 as well as center directors are invited and do not need to register here.

Warmly welcome!


Announcement: BUP Teachers Conference

Baltic University ProgrammeBUP Teachers Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Engaging higher education in local and global challenges
23 - 26 October 2016
Rogów, Poland

We are happy to announce this year's BUP Teachers Conference on ESD. Participants from all countries in the BUP network representing different universities and different disciplines are welcome.

The conference will deal with the imperative challenges regarding education for sustainability in higher education: transforming information from knowledge to learning, enhancing competences for actions "in real life”, problem based, active learning environments, and interdisciplinary approaches.

For more information please download the Invitation pdfPreliminary Program pdf and the Application Form doc. You may also find Instructions for Authors pdf for contributions to the scientific journal Studia Periegetica.

The deadline for applications from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine is 30 August and for all others 30 September 2016.

Please also note that we will celebrate BUP´s 25-year anniversary with a dinner in the evening on Monday 24th October.


Sustainable City Development 2016

Sustainable City Development 2016Sustainable City Development 2016
30 Nov - 2 Dec 2016
Malmö, Sweden

Prof. Lars Rydén from the Baltic University Programme will act as moderator in Session 11: Climate Cube. This session deal with mitigation of climate change and how emissions can be reduced from buildings, traffic and services. 

Baltic University participants will not pay the conference fee, as part of the new set of agreements with member universities; this counts as a research conference in the Programme. When registering you should write Baltic University in the track for payment, that is not pay yourself, and indicate This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the requested e-mail. BUP is responsible for track 11 called the Climate Cube in the afternoon of December 1st. BUP participants will have a special meeting for oral contributions on the afternoon on Nov 30.

For futher information on the conference please see the 3rd Announcement.


Third Country Participation in the BSR (TCPBSR)

Swedish InstituteThird Country Participation in the BSR (TCPBSR)
Call for applications 2016 is  open

Third Country Participation in the Baltic Sea region (TCPBSR) funding aims to promote economically, environmentally and socially sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea Region and its vicinity and thereby contribute to greater integration. The application period is 15 April – 30 September 2016. SI accepts applications and takes decisions on an ongoing basis throughout the application period. A decision is usually announced at the latest two months after the application has been submitted.

International co-operation
The idea is to broaden and deepen relations and cooperation between the countries in the region, based on EU cooperation in general and on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in particular. The support focuses on the inclusion of non-EU countries in the region in current EU partnerships

For further information please see the Swedish Institute web page.


New Report on Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Assessing the Status of Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region: A Macro-Regional PerspectiveAssessing the Status of Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region: A Macro-Regional Perspective” is a publication commissioned by the CBSS  Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 2030 and compiled by the Baltic University Programme and the Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development.

This background study is aimed at enabling fruitful cooperation between the Baltic Sea States in implementing and pursuing the 2030 Agenda and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and serves as a resource for developing governance for sustainable development in the region. Further, the report includes suggestions on how to organise the work for the global SD Goals in the future. Together with two special studies on climate change and sustainable consumption and production, the report gives a broad overview of the state of affairs in the BSR and summarises the knowledge in relation to governance capacity.


New Issue: Studia Periegetica

Studia Periegetica 1:15, 2016Studia Periegetica no. 1, vol 15, 2016
Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea region – Focus on Education pdf

This issue of the journal is entirely devoted to the matters of education for sustainable development. It particularly focuses on research, practical implementation and educational solutions in the area of education for sustainable development applied in the Baltic Sea Region. Authors of the papers take into account academic activities, public administration entities and companies located in this region. The papers were first presented during the BUP Teachers Conference in October 2015.

The issue edited by Arnold Bernaciak.


Updated BUP Map

The BUP network in September 2016The map of the BUP network has been updated. It now shows the cities where you as of September 2016 may find a university in the BUP network.

It is possible to download the map in these formats:


4th BUP PhD Students Training

Presentation in Rogow, PolandBaltic University Programme
4th PhD Students Training

28th November - 2nd December 2016
Rogow, Poland.

PhD students from universities which are part of the the BUP network are invited to apply for participation. Participation is free of charges, and free accommodation and lodging is provided from Monday (28th Nov) as arrival date, to Friday (2nd December) as departure date.


  • The programme is for students who completed at least the first year of PhD studies
  • BUP PhD students training application form, se below
  • Preliminary PhD thesis presentation in ppt (15 slides)
  • One page summary of the PhD thesis (title, affiliation, name of supervisor, description of the work)
  • List of scientific achievements (papers, patents, participation in scientific conferences, courses, trainings, etc.), CV
  • Written supervisor’s recommendation

Applications should be sent to the BUP Associated Centre in Germany: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Deadline for applications is: 15th of September 2016. The sooner you register, the better.

Please see the preliminary Program pdf for more information and download the Application Form doc.


Paper Development Workshop for PhD Students

VillniusCall for Applications
2nd Paper Development Workshop for PhD Students and Early Career Scholars in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
Challenges in Managing and Organizing Processes of Change
27-28 October 2016
Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius (Lithuania)

The deadline for the submission of applications is August 31st, 2016.
Please, send your application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
More information is available at see also the Flyer pdf.


New Funding for BUP Projects

Our application to the Swedish institute for project EduBalt - Teacher Education in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has been granted 500 000 SEK. The project will be carried out in cooperation with Swedesd.

The Baltic university programme is a project partner in the CBSS (Council of Baltic States) project SDGs Capacity Building and awareness raising granted 500 000 SEK by the Swedish Institute.

For both projects work will start as soon as possible and should be concluded in 24 months.
More information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


BUP Annual Report 2015

BUP Annual Report 2015Contents

  • Baltic University Programme in 2015
  • Teachers’ Conference – Dennis Meadows
  • Baltic University turns 25 – Eva Åkesson
  • Financial Report
  • BUP Courses
  • Course Statistics
  • Student Conference: Rogow
  • Baltic University PhD Award and Small Grants
  • Sailing for Our common Sustainable Future
  • Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Baltic University Summer course 2015 in Hamburg
  • Conferences, Seminars & Events 2015
  • Organization

Download pdf your own copy of the BUP Annual Report 2015.

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Sustainable Development Course

Sustainable Development
course material


Baltic University Trailer
A short introduction film about the Baltic University Programme which is a university network in the Baltic Sea region focusing on education for sustainable development. The Programme is a part of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University.
See more BUP films on the BUP Channel on YouTube.
CBSS Strategic Partner
CBSS Strategic Partner
EUSBSR Flagship Project
EUSBSR Flagship Project
Baltic University Programme


BUP 25 Years!

Baltic University Programme 25 Years!

Video Productions from the Baltic University
A compilation of films from the Baltic University Programme since 1991.

A BUP Timeline 
Some Photos
from the first 25 years.


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