The daily work in the Baltic University Programme network is led by the BUP Coordinating Secretariat at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Three BUP Associate Secretariats have specialsed tasks.

The BUP National Centra deal with the network coordination and student interaction in each BUP country.

The long term development of the BUP Network and strategy issues is dealt with in the BUP International Board.

We have a mailing-list for dissemination of BUP news and information. The list is moderated so only approved messages will be distributed. So, be sure to stay in contact and join the mailing-list by sending an email to with an empty body.
In the subject line you write: SUBSCRIBE balticuniversity.

If you want to un-subscribe from the BUP mailing-list send an email to with an empty body.
In the subject line you write: UNSUBSCRIBE balticuniversity.

‚ÄčEmail services like Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail and may block email from the mailing-list to protect you from unwanted or malicious email such as phishing, scams and spam. In this case, they are mistaking email that you want for email that you don’t want. To unblock or whitelist the BUP mailing-list add the address to your contacts. For more information see this page on How to whitelist BUP mailing-list messages.