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Teachers Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

Lars Rydén lecturing in RogówBUP Teachers Conference on:
Education for Sustainable Development
25 - 28 October 2015
Rogów, Poland.

The conference will deal with the challenges regarding education for sustainability in higher education, and sustainability teaching materials and experiences. The new global Sustainable Development Goals and the role of universities is one focus area.

Participants from all countries in the BUP network representing different universities and different disciplines are welcome.

Professor, BUP director Lars Rydén will guide us through the conference. Our aims are to provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences, develop competencies, and establish professional contacts. The conference will include lectures, workshops and participants’ presentations (10 min) and posters; the emphasis is on active participation of all participants. There will be some "homework" for participants that will be sent later before the conference.

Following the aims of the conference we welcome teachers from all academic areas.

Interested teachers are kindly asked to fill an application form and write a motivation letter (max 200 words). The applications should be sent to Lyudmyla Babak until 6th of October 2015.

There is a possibility for representatives from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine to have their travel costs partially covered. For more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please download the Application Form doc, the Preliminary Program pdf and the Announcement pdf.


Conference Presentations on Education for Sustainable Development

Lars Rydén lecturing in Rogów, Poland.For the attention of participants of BUP Teachers Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, 25-28 October, Rogów, Poland

There is a possibility to publish conference presentations in the Polish scientific journal "Studia Periegetica", edited by WSB University in Poznan, Poland. There will be a special issue of this Journal, on Education for Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region.

All participants wishing to publish their presentations are asked to prepare articles based on the presentations prepared for the conference. Articles can be in the form of scientific reports, examples of good practices or presentations of particular cases.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is October 20, 2015. The deadline for submission of final papers is November 30.


COP21 Ministers Urged to Partner with Universities, Colleges and Students

COP21 Paris 2015The collective voice of the world’s universities, colleges and students will be heard at COP21. The United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place in Paris, France during the first week of December.

A global alliance of tertiary and higher education sustainability networks jointly issued an Open Letter urging Ministers and Governments to acknowledge and strengthen the research and education role that universities and colleges play in addressing climate change. With networks on every continent pledging signatures, the global alliance already represents more than 3000 universities and colleges worldwide.

The Open Letter celebrates and confirms the critical role universities and colleges play in finding and implementing solutions towards climate change mitigation and adaptation and places it in the context of addressing wider issues of sustainability, including social and economic policies and practices.


BUP Annual Report 2014

BUP Annual Report 2014Contents

  • Baltic University Programme in 2014
  • Rectors Conference 2014
  • Financial Report
  • BUP Courses
  • Course Statistics
  • Student Conferences: Rogow
  • Student Conference: Turku
  • Baltic University PhD Award
  • PhD Students Conference
  • SAUNET – Initiatives for Research Capacity-Building
  • Ukraine
  • Conferences, Seminars & Events 2014
  • Organization

Download pdf your own copy of the BUP Annual Report 2014.


Call for Papers: Sustainable Stormwater Management

Springer: Climate Change ManagementCall for Papers:
Sustainable Stormwater Management - Innovative Approaches and Best Practice to Cope with Global Change

To be published as part of the Climate Change Series (Springer)

The sustainable management of stormwater is a matter of central interest to muncipalities worldwide. By management of stormwater it is meant how to manage surface runoff in a way that it prevents floods on the one hand, but also the wastage of water on the other. Even though in rural areas precipitation is often use for irrigation, a major problem is seen in urban areas, where run-off cannot easily be stored or infiltrate, due to various reasons. The European-funded project Baltic Flows for instance, is seeking ways to foster rainwater monitoring and management in Baltic Sea catchment areas, and to handle storm water management, whereas the project AFRHINET is focusing on rainwater harvesting for irrigation purposes in APC countries.


BUP Newsletter no. 44

BUP Newsletter no. 44In this issue of the BUP Newsletter you may read about:

  • Dear Reader by Lars Rydén
  • Sailing For Our Common Sustainable Future by Mårten Thorslund
  • Implementing Sustainable Development in European Cities and Regions by Alexis Awaitey and Halyna Parobok
  • Shift Happens! by Per-Arne Lindström

and much more. Download your own copy of the BUP Newsletter no. 44 pdf.


New Students' Representative: Falco Richardson

Christian Falco RichardsonHello. My name is Falco. I am English and have lived in England until the Autumn of last year, when I decided to move to Uppsala in Sweden to study for a Masters in Sustainable Development.

My previous studies include my undergraduate degree in International Relations and Global Development, where I cultivated an interest in the politics of the environment.

I enjoy playing the guitar and spending my time outdoors. I am also fond of playing basketball, having over the years had the pleasure of playing with more than a few coming from Latvia and Lithuania.

I have a broad interest in issues about the environment and sustainable development, although I am mainly interested in and passionate about environmental protection: natural resource management and conservation, and “green” economics, for example environmental and ecological economics.

I am grateful and positive about being given the role of student representative for the Baltic University Programme. I hope that whilst in my tenure of the position I can be of service in lending a voice to students active and present within the BUP network, and also aid them in making greater use of it. I think it is important and fruitful for students if they are able to communicate and potentially collaborate on projects with other students who come from outside of their home countries and respective universities. Lastly, I am enthusiastic about being able to be part of a network that works toward sustainable development in the Baltic region.

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Sustainable Development Course

Sustainable Development
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Baltic University Trailer
A short introduction film about the Baltic University Programme which is a university network in the Baltic Sea region focusing on education for sustainable development. The Programme is a part of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University.
See more BUP films on the BUP Channel on YouTube.
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