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Mardi Gras: Songworks

Mardi Gras: SongworksSome songs to download (mp3-format) from the BUP 25 years celebration in Rogów, Poland. Courtesy Bernd Delakowitz.

The songs are a gift to the BUP community from the Mardi Gras band member and BUP Center Director Bernd Delakowitz on the occasion of the BUP 25 Year Anniversary. Download and enjoy!


BUP Annual Award for the Best PhD Thesis in 2015

Zivile Stankeviciute winner of the BUP Award for best thesis 2015The Baltic University Programme (BUP) Board has decided to honour Živilė Stankevičiūtė, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, with the award for best PhD thesis defended in the BUP network during the calendar year 2015. The thesis ‘Sustainability Dimension in Organisation’s Human Resource Management’ support high quality research and promote sustainable development.

The PhD thesis is distinguished for it’s novelty as sustainable human resource management is the hot topic of scientific discussion lacking conceptual and empirical maturity. The dissertation contributes to the scientific discourse on sustainable development addressing genesis of sustainable development, meaning of sustainable development and providing the taxonomy of sustainability characteristics. The thesis provide suggestions and insights how to operationalize sustainable human resource management and shows the added value for the organization in terms of increasing the positive and decreasing the negative impacts on employees. When principles of sustainable human resource management are clearly expressed, employees feel less job stress, work-family conflict and burnout, at the same time job satisfaction, organizational commitment and trust as well as subjective welfare increases. The thesis meets all the stated criteria with a good margin. An assessment of the thesis state that the thesis support high quality research in the area of sustainable development.


BUP Annual Award for the Best PhD Thesis in 2015 Diplomas

Ekatherina ZhukovaEkatherina Zhukova, Aarhus University, Denmark, is given honorary diploma for her thesis Chernobyl as Trauma Management in Belarus and Ukraine, because of the novel approach towards research on big scale disaster trauma management in the Baltic Sea region

Joni LehtoJoni Lehto, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, is given a honorary diploma for his thesis Advanced Biorefinery Concepts Integrated To Chemical Pulping as an innovative research in developing sulfur-free wood and non-wood feedstocks as well as recovering value-added by-products for further conversion processes.


The BUP Small Grant 2016

Martyna Mokrzecka winner of the BUP Small Grant 2016The Baltic University Programme (BUP) Board has decided to support project ‘Pre-ecological solutions in student residences‘ by Martyna Mokrzecka, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, with the BUP Small Grant 2016 for the planned multi-disciplinary research in the context of sustainable development.


Student Participation at the Seventh Annual Forum

Students at EUSBSR Annual Forum

Student participation at the Seventh Annual Forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Stockholm, Sweden
8 - 9 November 2016

The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is the first macro-regional strategy in Europe. It aims at reinforcing cooperation within this large region to face challenges by working together and promoting a more balanced development in the area. The Strategy contributes to major EU policies and reinforces integration within the area (


Baltic Science Network

Baltic Science NetworkThe Baltic Science Network, BSN, is a policy network gathering relevant transnational, national and regional policy actors from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries. The Network serves as a springboard for targeted multilateral activities in the frame of research and innovation excellence, mobility of scientists and expanded participation. These joint activities are modelled with an overall aim to ensure that the BSR remains a hub of cutting-edge scientific solutions with the capacity to exploit the region´s full innovation and scientific potential. The activities are envisaged to serve as examples of best practice and as basis for the policy recommendations drafted by the Network.

The platform is tailored to provide advice on how to enhance a macro-regional dimension in higher education, science, and research cooperation. Recommendations jointly formulated by the Network partners address the European, national and regional policy-making levels.

BSN is a flagship of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region under the Policy Area Education, Research and Employability, as well as one of two cornerstones of the Science, Research and Innovation Agenda of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.


European Union ERC Starting Grant

European Research CouncilPossibility to Apply for a Research Grant to Pursue a Research Project on Environment/Sustainable Development in Germany.

The European Union ERC Starting Grant is a grant, whose volume is up to Euro 1,5 million over 5 years, for people who already have a PhD between 2 (minimum) to 5 years ago and wish to consolidate their training with us on matters related to environment/ sustainable development.

The grant is meant to allow the researcher, from any country in the world, to come to Germany and be employed by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for a period of up to 5 years, with a salary commensurate with the post of Principal Investigator.

Deadline: 18th October 2016.
For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Guidelines for Applicants pdf    Form B1 doc     Form B2 doc


BUP Newsletter no. 48

BUP Newsletter no. 48BUP Newsletter no. 48 pdf
Friday, 30 September 2016

In this issue:

  • Introduction
    by Lars Rydén
  • Upcoming Events
  • The Finnish Presidency in BUP
    by Paula Lindroos
  • Baltic Science Network - Setting the Scene
    by Paula Lindroos

BUP 25 Year Celebration

Baltic University Programme 25 YearsYou are cordially
to celebrate 25 Years
of the Baltic University Programme
24 October 2016 in Rogów, Poland

However, there are regretfully limits to how many we can accommodate. If the number of registrations are too many first priority will be one per university in the BUP network. Thus we will have as many of our universities represented as possible. For more information please download the full Invitation pdf.

BUP students/alumni, former student representatives, etc., will be welcome on individual invitations.

We need to have your registration as soon as possible but no later than on Monday, October 3rd. We will then confirm (or regret) participation to all of you by email as soon as possible but latest on Friday, October 7th.

The registration is now closed.

Participants in the BUP Teachers conference in Rogow 23-26 October 2016 as well as center directors are invited and do not need to register here.

Warmly welcome!


Sustainability, Conflict Diamonds and Raman Spectroscopy

Blood Diamonds

"Poverty eradication without empowerment is unsustainable. Social integration without minority rights is unimaginable. Gender equality without women’s rights is illusory. Full employment without workers' rights may be no more than a promise of sweatshops, exploitation and slavery. The logic of human rights in development is inescapable."
-Mary Robinson
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Every society operates within three dimensions: socio-cultural, economic and environmental. The three systems have to be kept in balance in order to let the Earth last for future generations and keep the conditions humane. Sustainability and human rights are interconnected and inseparable. Also, the socio-cultural system is unimaginable without the enforcement of human rights. Unfortunately, modern history shows how human rights are an empty promise in countries with issues revolving around the access to natural resources. Almost all human conflicts and wars were based on the battle for land and resources.


Announcement: BUP Teachers Conference

Baltic University ProgrammeBUP Teachers Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Engaging higher education in local and global challenges
23 - 26 October 2016
Rogów, Poland

We are happy to announce this year's BUP Teachers Conference on ESD. Participants from all countries in the BUP network representing different universities and different disciplines are welcome.

The conference will deal with the imperative challenges regarding education for sustainability in higher education: transforming information from knowledge to learning, enhancing competences for actions "in real life”, problem based, active learning environments, and interdisciplinary approaches.

For more information please download the Invitation pdfPreliminary Program pdf and the Application Form doc. You may also find Instructions for Authors pdf for contributions to the scientific journal Studia Periegetica.

The deadline for applications from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine is 30 August and for all others 30 September 2016.

Please also note that we will celebrate BUP´s 25-year anniversary with a dinner in the evening on Monday 24th October.

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Sustainable Development Course

Sustainable Development
course material


Baltic University Trailer
A short introduction film about the Baltic University Programme which is a university network in the Baltic Sea region focusing on education for sustainable development. The Programme is a part of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University.
See more BUP films on the BUP Channel on YouTube.
CBSS Strategic Partner
CBSS Strategic Partner
EUSBSR Flagship Project
EUSBSR Flagship Project
Baltic University Programme


BUP 25 Years!

Baltic University Programme 25 Years!

Video Productions from the Baltic University
A compilation of films from the Baltic University Programme since 1991.

A BUP Timeline 
Some Photos
from the first 25 years.


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